This portfolio website is hosted by Stan van Dijck. I am recenlty graduated at the University of Technology Eindhoven at the master Architecture, Building & Planning, with the specialization in Building Technology, Productdevelopment and Structural Design. Besides these specialization the knowledge about architecture is very broad. 

After obtaining my Havo diploma (Nature & Technology), I started studying Architecture at the HAN. During this study practical experience was gained during my three internships, before finally graduating on the design of the Cradle to Cradle concept into a Kulturhus (Community Building). 

During my bachelor I felt the challenge to improve my skills more and decided to continue studying and started the master at the TU/e. After a combined pre-master of Building Technology and Architecture I have chosen to specialize in building technology and product development. I recently graduated on rigidized inflatable structures. This subject contains the following subjects: Rigidizable Materials, Structural Optimization, Inflatable Structures, Fabric Formwork, Parametric Modelling & Realization of a prototype.

During and after my studies I design offices, dwellings and products for private individuals at StanvanDijck.com. I also worked for a ICT-company which gave me a broad and well knowledge on ICT.

Currently my position is acquistion, calculation, marketing and engineering at Aannemersbedrijf M.J. Teunissen BV and BouwkaveltotKasteel.nl