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Freeform Design

Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, 3DsMax

The course freeform design is al about using new architectural & designing programs. These programs have more functionalities than Autocad or Sketch up. With these programs models can be realized with all kind of free form shapes. In this way the creativity is unlimited and al shapes can be made. With the help of mathemetical programs as Grasshopper, designs can be realized using formulas and math. The power of programs as Rhinoceros and Grasshopper is that they are open-source. So anyone can use the program and make their own plug-ins. These open source programs as Rhinoceros and Grasshopper will be used in our Thesis, in addition of open source add-ons, to get optimal formes. 

For this course a design of three pavilions was made, using Rhinoceros and 3DsMax. In the following assignments Grasshopper was used to develop a design using mathemetical formulas.


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